why does my cat eat garbage

Why Does My Cat Eat Garbage? Reasons You Never Knew

why does my cat eat garbage
Why Does My Cat Eat Garbage?

Does your cat or kitten have the annoying tendency to swallow everything they come across? You no longer know what to do with this behavior? There are different reasons for your pet to ingest inedible and sometimes dangerous things. Let us take over this very curious mania of why does my cat eat garbage.

Simple curiosity, a sharp appetite or a more serious disorder, there are many reasons why some cats swallow everything they find. While this behavior is fairly common and normal in kittens, it is less so in adult cats. But where does this need come from and how can you protect your cat from a possible accident?

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Why Does My Cat Eat Garbage?

From its first months of life, the cat embarks on a discovery of the world around it. He explores and discovers unknown objects, sounds, smells and tastes. To decide for himself what is good and what is not, he experiments with new flavors and tastes a little of everything he comes across: paper, plants, flowers, insects and even plastic. This attitude is not worrying, because it quickly fades when the cat appreciates its real food. Avoid leaving objects lying around that he could swallow, because they represent a real danger for your cat.

PICA’s fault?

PICA is an eating behavior disorder that is primarily manifested by eating inedible items. We find this manifestation in some anguished cats: eating anything is their only way to calm this anxiety. To help your cat get rid of this disorder, you need to find the source of its concern. It can be a change of environment, a lack of affection or some small changes in habits that are enough to upset him.

Dietary Changes of the cat

Why Does My Cat Eat Garbage
Why Does My Cat Eat Garbage?

If your cat copiously devours all the objects that are in its path, it may be because it has a feeling of hunger and a need to reproduce the gestures of feeding. Make sure his diet is high enough protein to fill him up and energize him. Finally, do not hesitate to leave him his daily food ration available and even fill a toy with treats so that he can chew on him and concentrate on his greedy quest.

Optimal Environmental Protection

Preventing your cat from eating everything and anything can be a long and complex process. In the meantime, ensure the optimal protection of his environment, avoiding as much as possible to leave lying around objects that he could eat. Certain inks, garbage bag twine, plastic, and all processed fabrics are very dangerous for the digestive system. Sharp objects ingested can also have dramatic consequences. Remember, caution is the mother of safety.

Can This Behavior Have a Pathological Cause?

It is common to find that a kitten ingests inedible substances, due to its curiosity and the exploratory behavior that characterizes this age. Adult, if the cat ingests objects or unsuitable food, it is often indicative of a digestive condition such as intestinal parasitism, gastritis or chronic pancreatitis, or even a behavioral disorder. Your veterinarian will be able to direct you to the cause and suggest that you perform additional examinations.

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