when do kittens get their adult teeth

When Do Kittens Get Their Adult Teeth? – Know Here

when do kittens get their adult teeth
When Do Kittens Get Their Adult Teeth | PetKittens.co

Not only us humans, but also kittens, have milk teeth that are gradually replaced by adult teeth as they grow up.

The first milk teeth usually break through at the age of two to three weeks, at eight weeks the milk teeth, which consist of 26 teeth, are usually complete.

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When Do Kittens Get Their Adult Teeth?

The kitten’s get their adult teeth at around four to six months, during which the milk teeth are displaced by the repelling, permanent teeth. These normally cause the milk tooth root to dissolve and the milk teeth fall out.

The molars (posterior molars) are absent in the milk dentition and only appear in the permanent dentition, which then consists of 30 teeth. The change of teeth is usually completed at the latest by the age of eight months.

The change of teeth often goes completely unnoticed and without problems. The milk teeth are swallowed and you rarely have the opportunity to find a milk tooth.

Problems That Might Occur While Changing of Teeth

With some kittens, changing teeth is not entirely easy. The kittens are in a bad mood, the gums can become inflamed, some saliva and eat badly, have slight pain or suffer from diarrhea and/or fever.

when do kittens get their adult teeth
When Do Kittens Get Their Adult Teeth | Image from Google Images

Many kittens in the tooth change also have bad breath, which should disappear at the latest after the change from the milk dentition to the permanent one.

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Persistent Milk Teeth/Double Teeth

If the permanent teeth break through, although the milk teeth have not yet failed, double teeth can occur. These are particularly noticeable on the canines.

The milk teeth usually fail over time, but it can also happen that this is not the case (persistent milk teeth). In this case, the milk teeth may have to be pulled, otherwise, the teeth may be misaligned or tartar and gum infections may develop due to the narrow spaces between the teeth.

How Can You Help Kittens to Get Their Adult Teeth?

Kittens in order to get their adult teeth like to chew on everything possible and impossible. Here you can do something good for the kittens by letting them chew larger chunks of raw meat (e.g. beef). This helps the kittens get rid of the milk teeth.

You can also support tooth replacement with alternative healing methods. If the cat suffers from fever or other serious symptoms, a veterinarian or veterinary practitioner should always be consulted. In the case of double teeth, the veterinarian should also be consulted so that the milk teeth can be removed in good time if necessary.

when do kittens get their adult teeth
When Do Kittens Get Their Adult Teeth | Image from Google Images

If the permanent teeth fall out or you notice changes in the teeth, gums or behavior of your kitten, you should best present the velvet paw to a veterinary dentist. Causes can include deficiency symptoms or other health problems that require clarification.

In order to care for the teeth as best as possible from the beginning and to minimize the risk of plaque and tartar, kitten’s teeth can also be brushed. With a little practice and patience, this usually works very well and can help the kitty as part of “medical training”.

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