sphynx kittens

What Is so Special About the Sphynx Kittens?

sphynx kittens

In 1966, a cat hairless by mutation was born in the litter of a domestic cat. The interest of cat breeders was aroused immediately. You will learn everything about the origin, character, nature, attitude, and care of Sphynx kittens in this article.

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Sphynx is often used to refer to all naked cats. In fact, there are only the Don Sphynx and the Canadian Sphynx.

Sphynx Kittens at a glance

  • Size: Medium size
  • Weight: A full-grown cat can weigh 3.5 – 7 kg
  • Fur length: Short hair
  • Fur colors: All colors
  • Eye color: All colors
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Urge to move: Medium
  • Volume: Low
  • Maintenance effort: Low
  • Time required: Medium
  • Price: Sphynx kittens cost around 600 – 900 euros

Don Sphynx and Canadian Sphynx

You can either love Sphynx kittens or just find them ugly. There is no in-between because their appearance is so special that there is only “hui” or “pfui”.

The latter feel significantly more people when they see a Sphynx for the first time.

So stamping them as agony breeding would go too far. Because naked cats are not made by humans but are an occasional mutation.

The first naked cats were purely coincidental products that were born within a “normal” litter.

History of the Sphynx Kittens

The origin of the Don Sphynx and the Canadian Sphynx are completely different: The Don Sphynx is a hairless cat breed of Russian origin.

It was first discovered in 1986 in the city of Rostov-on-Don, which led to it being named. The cat “Varja” gave birth to offspring with extremely little fur.

A hangover would later be mated back to the mother, whereupon these hairless offspring gave birth. Varja is the progenitor of the Don Sphynx cat breed, which was recognized by TICA in 2005.

Already 20 years before the Don Sphynx, in 1966, was the origin of the Canadian Sphynx, also called the Canadian Sphynx.

The short-haired domestic cat “Elisabeth” gave birth to a hairless cat named Prune. He was also crossed back later with his mother, which gave rise to seven kittens.

The big difference was that while all of the offspring on the Don Sphynx were hairless, only two out of seven youngsters of the Canadian Sphynx did.

The reason for this is that only the Don Sphynx is a dominant mutation, i.e. a permanent change in the genome.

Breed characteristics of Sphynx Kittens

sphynx kittens

The Canadian Sphynx was recognized by TICA in 1985 and by FIFe in 2002 (Sphynx breed standard).

It differs only slightly from the Don Sphynx, which was recognized in 2011 (Don Sphynx breed standard): The most striking commonality is the hairlessness, in which, however, differences are made.

Even a sphynx is not completely hairless but has a fine hair fluff. In the Canadian nude cat, a distinction is made between “velvety soft” and “Babypo”.

The Don Sphynx also has the “fur variants” “flock” (down hair less than 2 mm) and “brush” (fine wavy hair over 2 mm).

Both breeds are a medium-sized breed of cats whose cats are heavier than a female. Skin folds are particularly desirable around the snout, between the ears, and around the shoulders.

However, they must not be so pronounced that they impair the cat’s “functionality”. All color varieties and drawings are allowed, including the color white.

The big difference is that this is not the color of the coat but the color of the skin.

There are black, blue, red, cream and chocolate-colored Sphynx kittens.

Also with polka dots, brindle or tabby. However, the expressions are usually relatively subtle – so they are not “strong colors”.

Attitude and character of the Sphynx Kittens

The attitude of a naked cat differs little from that of other cats. Similar to some pedigree cats, such as the Persian cat, they are purely domestic cats.

The risk of someone stealing the cat or causing a sensation would be too great. Like so many cats, Sphynx kittens are happy to have a partner with whom it can play and communicate.

She also likes to play and cuddle with people. They are considered very affectionate and friendly and do not have a “crack” because they have no fur. They are as intelligent as other breeds, just as attentive and sensitive.

Health and care

When looking at sphynx kittens, many wonder whether the cat is ill. Not at all! They are generally considered to be quite robust – and only have very little fur.

Accordingly, they are a little more vulnerable to the sun, without this topic having to be exaggerated, as long as they are not on the balcony or terrace for a long time.

There should be no problems in winter either unless you prefer a cold apartment. But naked cats know how to help themselves: they eat more than their colleagues to compensate for the loss of heat through the skin.

The skin of sphynx kittens needs occasional care: To remove the fat produced on the skin, it is best to use a wet cloth or to get the cat used to an occasional shower with a special cat shampoo or a pH-neutral soap.

Sphynx Kittens For Sale

Basically, the keeping and breeding of naked cats is not prohibited and does not count as cruelty to animals as long as the cats have tactile or whiskers.

These are important for perception and orientation.

If you want to buy a Sphynx kitten, you will find a wide selection on the Internet. As with all animal purchases, you shouldn’t make a commitment based on a few pictures.

Visit the breeder and get an impression of the conditions there.

Only buy a Sphynx kitten if you have a good feeling on-site and the breeder was able to answer all your questions satisfactorily.

A Sphynx kitten is not exactly cheap – the price usually fluctuates between 600 and 900 euros.

What Is so Special About the Sphynx Kittens?

Despite its somewhat strange appearance, the Sphynx kittens are extremely loving animals that enter into an intimate relationship with their caregivers.

Not only is she lively and playful, but she also delights with an encouraging and cheeky nature.

Since Sphynx kittens always want to be in close proximity to its owners, it should not be kept by people who are fully employed and single.

She is extremely intelligent and, with some consistency, can easily be brought up because she always wants to please her caregivers.

The Sphynx kittens are clingy and cuddly and are just as loving with small children as it is with adults. She also gets along well with fellow species.

Here’s one important thing to remember for every Sphynx owner, due to the lack of a protective coat, Sphynx kittens not suitable for keeping outdoors. If you are taking a Sphynx out, it is advisable to use sunscreen in summer to avoid sunburn.

A lot of body heat escapes through the bare skin, which is why the Sphynx cat has to apply more energy. Therefore, in comparison to other cat breeds, it needs higher amounts of feed to meet the additional energy requirements.

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