kittens meowing

What Are the Reasons Behind Meowing of Kittens?

kittens meowing

If your kittens are meowing or purring – what do they want to tell us?
When a cat meows or purrs, we often ignore! But have you ever thought what does the cat want to tell us?

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Kittens Meowing Differently

Some cats are real chatterboxes and you can only shake your head in amazement at what they probably meow all day long. Others hardly make a sound.

It’s like with us humans: some don’t get out of telling, others prefer to listen, don’t have to contribute anything or are a little shy and reserved.

How much a cat basically meows depends largely on its individual character.

However, there are also differences from breed to breed: the Siamese cat, for example, is known for its pronounced talkability.

The first sound that kittens hear is not meowing, but purring from their mother. Although they are still blind and deaf for the first few days, the purr makes the whole body vibrate.

This way, the little ones can always see their mother, because she purrs almost continuously for the first few days. No wonder that kittens only associate positive things with purring.

It shows them where their mother is and, accordingly, the food supply. It doesn’t take long for them to start purring themselves.

They use it to make siblings peaceful when they want to get to the teats or to make children dear to people.

Why Does My Kitten Meow?

If a kitten only meows now and then, we don’t worry much about it. However, some can become a real nuisance and never stop.

This is particularly uncomfortable at night when we would like to sleep, but the cat is standing in front of the bedroom door and meowing.

At this moment there are two options: the cat can come in once and for all or you have to remain steadfast and let me meow.

Cats have a stubborn head: If they are allowed to come in and lie in bed, they will keep asking for it.

To get used to this again requires a lot of patience and, if necessary, earplugs.

Only when she realizes after a number of attempts that the pitiful meowing is pointless will she slowly but surely stop it.

Causes of Constant Meowing

There are many reasons why your kittens could be meowing. If this happens in phases and violently, the reason could be that he or she is not neutered.

Animals that are ready to mate can meow meek as they shake. If a cat smells a female, loud and permanent meowing can be expected.

In addition, there is a risk that the cat will distribute fragrance notes in the apartment. The surest way to end this spectacle is by castration.

If a cat doesn’t meow in phases but daily, it could be boredom. This happens less often with free-runners because they can decide how much variety they would like.

There is a lot you can do to keep boredom out of cats. A large and varied scratching post is helpful, which is suitable for romping, scratching, climbing and sleeping on different levels.

Toys such as balls, rustling tunnels, play mice and cat fishing also provide variety. However, a cat should not be kept alone. A second velvet paw is still your best playmate!

Sick Kittens Meowing and Purring

kittens meowing
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Some cats are completely silent when they are sick, others make themselves felt by meowingly meowing. Maybe she is in pain, sensitive to touch, or has hormonal problems.

Her meowing may also be related to restrictions that can occur due to age: if a cat’s perception deteriorates, this can lead to frequent meowing.

If there is no clear reason for meowing, you should consult a veterinarian for safety reasons.

It is interesting that cats purr not only when they are comfortable, but also when they want to heal themselves in certain situations!

The purr vibrates the entire body. This creates mechanical stimuli in the skeleton, whereupon bones stimulate their metabolism, new bone formation cells develop and the tissue is repaired to a greater extent. With broken bones, purring, therefore, has “healing powers”.

Your Kittens Might Be Meowing Because They Want Something

Of course, there is another reason why a cat meows: it wants food, petting or just attention. Cats have learned that we respond to their meowing – so they use it when they want something.

It is quite possible that this is their feed. If the meowing takes place at the planned feeding time, nobody has anything against it.

However, if she gets used to meowing constantly because she knows that she will get something to eat each time, then a spoiled cat has been brought up.

In order to stop this behavior again, fixed feeding times must be introduced and these must be strictly observed.

The meowing of cats is also used to us just to get attention – maybe she would like to chat a little?

If there is still a petting unit, the meowing quickly turns into a melodious purr.

This is not only good for cats, but it is also pure relaxation for us and one of the most beautiful noises at all.

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