Tips to calm down hyperactive kittens

Tips To Calm Down Hyperactive Kittens Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – Read These 6 Tips

Tips to calm down hyperactive kittens
Tips to Calm Down Hyperactive Kittens –

How To Calm Down Hyperactive Kittens – Summary

You have to be patient with them. Do not yell at them and calm them with massages and caresses.

Play with your kitten to tire him out and put him to sleep, and let him sleep at night. Playing games is better in the late afternoon.

If kittens don’t stop meowing at night, try playing soft music so that they feel accompanied.

Provide a space for him, with food, water, and games for when he is alone at home.

Hyperactivity in Kittens Can be Corrected by Following a Series of Guidelines

If your kitten does not stop for a moment, bites, scratches, destroys the curtains with its claws, throws objects, or rips the cushions, it is certain that it has a hyperactivity problem. But rest assured, because this excess energy of your pet can be corrected by following some simple guidelines.

Kittens that are separated from their mother too soon (before 12 weeks) are more likely to be hyperactive if they do not receive adequate care at the physical and emotional level.

Tips to Calm Down Hyperactive Kittens
Tips to Calm Down Hyperactive Kittens – Image from Google Images

In any case, when we have a baby kitten we must keep him busy, give him lots of love and play with him to establish that emotional bond he has lost with his mother by being separated from her so soon.

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Hyperactivity also depends on the breed of the kitty. Thus, the Siamese kittens or the Oriental kittens are usually more moved than the rest, without this necessarily being a pathology. So it is key to be patient and pamper them.

Tips to Calm Down Hyperactive Kittens

  1. We insist on the need to care for him. Put him on his knees, caress him and massage him so that he feels relaxed and loved.
  2. During the day keep him busy. Whenever possible, play with him so that he is tired and sleeps at night. It is recommended to do it in the late afternoon.
  3. If he still does not stop meowing at night (remember that the kitten is a nocturnal animal that expresses its energy when night comes), a trick is to play very soft music so that it feels accompanied.
  4. The damage that a hyperactive kitten can cause when we are away from home can be avoided by enabling a space exclusively for him (whenever possible), with food, water, and toys to entertain him. It is another way to calm hyperactivity.
  5. On the other hand, it should also be remembered that parasites, such as worms, are a cause of hyperactivity. It is therefore advisable to consult the veterinarian to certify that it is clean of parasites and if affected, to prescribe the corresponding treatment.
  6. Finally, it should be noted that heat in females is also a cause of nervous behavior. In this case, consult your vet for advice on the best treatment.

Find a vet for your kitten here.

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