tabby kittens

8 Lovely Breeds of Tabby Kittens That Will Steal Your Heart

tabby kittens

Tabby kittens breeds are not a matter of chance, nor are they precisely a matter of breeds. This distinctive feature is actually the product of genetic inheritance in color patterns, has been transmitted over time and is common in many species.

Regardless of its breed, the fact that a cat has a striped coat goes back a little to its wildest origins, something that we love and arouses fascination to many of us. But that savagery is left to the largest feline species. These friendly domestic felines, rather have a very sociable, affectionate character and sometimes it seems that they give you, or rather demand you, all the attention.

We invite you to know a little more about his fierce charm.

Tabby Kittens Breeds and Their Highlights

Among the main characteristics by which you can identify tabby kittens, common to each breed; is it so:

  • They have marks on the contour of their eyes and on the face.
  • A distinctive M is present in many of the species. When we look closely, we detail that they have several bands of colors between light and dark, that alternate and contrast with their fur.
  • The brindle color is considered the most genuine in all cat breeds. Those who own it, have an ancestry that is among the first domesticated felines of which there is news. His relationship with the great tigers is evident: they are his younger brothers.
  • Tabby kittens breeds have both short and long fur.
  • They are commonly known by the names of Romano, Tabby, and Barcino; or simply the name that you want to place and that best suits your personality.
  • Some have mottled noses, where colors are more pronounced. There is also a certain density in the design of stripes or drawings present on its legs and tails, in contrast to the rest of its fur.
  • This genetic variation of colors and shapes is what is called the Agouti gene responsible for color. Thus we find breeds of tabby kittens with a golden or orange base in their fur.
  • There is also the so-called Tabby gene, responsible for the design patterns in the fur. As a result of this, your hair can be presented in the form of vertical, horizontal, marbled, spiral, mottled and unique swirls; as if it were a distinctive mark.

8 Lovely Breeds of Tabby Kittens That Will Steal Your Heart

There are many breeds of tabby kittens, but among the most common and adorable, we have:


Similar to Puma, it is a very active and playful cat. Its stylized and elegant appearance becomes exotic when the striped stripes appear in its fur. They are curious, intelligent and love being in contact with people. In fact, they usually demand a lot of attention. They are good companions for the little ones in the house and generally have good health.

Australian Mist:

Natural of Australia and product of the crossing of several races. Its short fur, when marked by the Tabby pattern and in conjunction with the robustness of its body, gives it a very sweet expression that stands out on its face, its eyes and contrasts with its strong appearance.


Raised in the United States, it is a medium-sized cat. Its smooth and short coat generally appears mottled and with rings in the tail that become more closed at the tip. Remember the Ocelot a bit, but its character is rather sweet, friendly and very curious. It can be dominant with other cats.

American Wirehair:

An excellent friend of homes, sociable, clean, playful and above all independent. Native to North America, it is also much appreciated in Europe. It is a medium-sized cat, robust body and good character; It has a fairly high average life span when it is well taken care of.

tabby kittens
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Tabby Sparkler:

Its striped fur gives it a fierce air, but only in appearance. It is the crossing of a leopard with a domestic cat. It has a muscular body, its fur is short, soft and shiny. He is strong, playful and energetic. He loves water and human company. It is distinguished from other cats by its characteristic meow.

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American Curl:

His ears folded back distinguish him from other cats. Its size is medium, its hair is silky and relatively long. You can live up to 18 years. He is very intelligent, gentle and playful. Tolerates the company of other animals well.

Maine Coon:

It is large, robust and loves rural environments. When he is raised under a good education, he becomes a very docile cat. He loves dynamic families where there is a lot of movement. He is an excellent hunter because he still retains the wild instincts of his ancestors.

Egyptian Mau:

It has a great feline elegance and was revered in the time of the pharaohs. Maine Coon is an independent cat that assumes a certain possessiveness with its humans because it demands affection, attention, and food. It can be reserved with strangers.

Behavior and Some Advice for Parenting of Tabby Kittens

tabby kittens
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They love to be pampered, to be integrated into the host family and to develop in an environment that gives them comfort, affection, and independence. Here are some tips to keep them happy:

  • When they are weaned and separated from their mother, it is important to start educating them with games and the constant presence of their owners. They will never lose their cat individuality, but integrating them into a family dynamic; will make them grow up happy, in confidence and with the ability to socialize with people. The opposite will make them lonely beings and prefer to be apart.
  • They are territorial, but they are capable of accepting new humans without any problems.
  • Veterinary care should not be overlooked, so you will have them protected from disease and you can decide whether to sterilize it or not when it is convenient. Sterilization will soften their character when you do not have to deal with the instinctive pressure to find a partner and leave offspring.
  • The constant brushing of their fur will make your tabby kittens look bright and healthy.

Curiosities about the Characteristic Letter M

As a curious note, we mention the legends that exist about the origin of the letter M, so distinctive in this type of coat. It is a common brand to any breed of tabby kittens.

One of the legends is of Christian origin. It tells that, during the childhood of Jesus and unable to fall asleep, a tabby cat approached him to make him sleep through his purring. The Virgin Mary, moved by this gesture, wanted to thank her by stroking her forehead. With this, he left the initial of his name to this cat and all her offspring.

The other origin of the legend is Muslim. It tells that Muezza, Muhammad’s cat, was sleeping on the prophet when he had to get up. In order not to disturb her, she cut off her clothes on which Muezza rested. In a mutual gesture of gratitude, she approached her owner stroking her legs for the detail of not waking her, and this, when stroking her forehead, left the initial of her name stamped that would be transmitted to her entire lineage.

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