How To Tell If Baby Kittens Are Male or Female

how to tell if baby kittens are male or female
How To Tell If Baby Kittens Are Male or Female

Determining male baby kittens from female baby kittens can be tricky. You would think that it would be relatively easy to distinguish the gender of a kitten. But the genitalia of the baby kittens is nothing like adult cats, meaning no penis or vagina is visible.

As a result, it can be difficult for some professionals to determine whether they are looking at women or men. That said, however, there are some characteristic differences that are usually a good indicator of gender. In this post by Pet Kittens, we’ll show you how to tell if baby kittens are male or female.

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How Can You Determine a Male From Female Baby Kittens?

Visual Observation: In older, male, non-neutered cats, the penis is often easy to find. In male baby kittens, however, the penis has not yet diminished. In fact, it is very difficult to accurately tell the gender of a kitten until it is at least two weeks, and even then, experienced breeders and veterinarians may have made mistakes. Here are the steps to determine a male from female baby kittens:

  • The female kitten genitalia may represent an exclamation point underneath the anus up to the vertical vaginal rim.
  • The baby kittens male organ should appear rather like a coil with the base under the anus positioned to accommodate the testicles. You can also see very tiny globs in that area, which will develop as the kitten matures in trials.
  • The female’s vaginal opening is closer to the anus than the male’s.
How To Tell If Baby Kittens Are Male or Female
How To Tell If Baby Kittens Are Male or Female | Image from Google

Put another way, it’s the simplest (but less reliable) way to tell your kitten’s sex. Cats are sometimes given solution cats with three colors – white, black, and orange. They are almost always those cats. Orange cats are often male (although there are definitely viable males as well, so this is not a reliable technique).

Tactile Observation: If the observation is not enough, it may be possible to place a finger and thumb on both sides of a tiny kitten’s scrotum to feel two small, hard, oval-shaped things under the skin. These are the tests, and they will be almost impossible to hold – they slip under your fingers. Of course, if you feel tested, your kitten is male.

Do Kittens of Different Sexes Behave Differently?

Cats that do not spay or neuter behave differently because they want their sex drives. Males are more adult and aggressive and can be sprayed to mark their territories. Females get hot: they may gasp with loud cheers, pay attention, etc.

When they are in space or being moved, however, these differences are less clear. Some people claim that male cats are friendlier and larger than females, and studies help support this idea. At least one study shows that the overall personality of a cat can be inherited from its mother.

How To Tell If Baby Kittens Are Male or Female
How To Tell If Baby Kittens Are Male or Female

These differences, however, are by no means universal, and cat personalities are almost as different as human personalities. This suggests that you should choose your pet, not on your gender, but your kitten interactions and behavior.

Of course, if you do not intend to mate your cats, you will want to spay or neuter them. The kittens should have to be spayed or neutered when they are old enough. You want to keep the kittens with their mother for 12 weeks if possible, and at least eight weeks. They need to spend this time with a lot of social activities, both with other cats and with humans.

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