Do Kittens Understand When We Kiss Them

Do Kittens Understand When You Kiss Them? Let’s Find Out

Do Kittens Understand When We Kiss Them
Do Kittens Understand When We Kiss Them? |

I love watching kitty videos, they are so cute! But what I always saw made me really jealous: Kittens that do understand and enjoy when their humans kiss them and vice versa. With my cat, there is no case!

As much as I tried to get him used to it, and although he is a kitten who enjoys my caresses and hugs, every time I go to give him a kiss, he runs away! And he never kissed me, either!

If you noticed, unlike dogs, cats do not express their affection with licks, they prefer to purr, rub on your feet, or curl up on your knees. Those are usually the methods they turn to show their devotion to you.

Feline specialists from different states around the world indicate that kittens expect that love to be paid in the same way as they do, but humans, not understanding these signs, opt for kisses and hugs.

So I wonder what kisses mean to them? Let’s find out!

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Do Kittens Understand When You Kiss Them?

After much research, I was finally able to stay calm, because kittens do recognize our kisses as signs of affection. Some like it more than others, as happens with caresses on the belly, for example, but the truth is that they know that each kiss is a manifestation of our love for them.

To my surprise, (and my joy) I realized that I am not the only human to whom his cat runs his face, even some kittens interpose their paws in order to save themselves from the kiss, but still, they are cute!

And on the subject of cats that kiss, some do it a lot, and others nothing, and it’s still totally normal. Although … the truth about cat kisses is reserved for her eye area.

Has Your Kitten Kissed You Yet?

If you love cats as much as I do, you probably know what cat kisses are. Not yet? Then I tell you. Experts say that cats express their affection in various ways and if we look for the equivalent of kisses we have to stop thinking about the mouth or the licks and focus on their gaze.

Forget about when he stares at you or when he has crazy cat eyes open, your cat kisses you every time he is calm, his gaze is relaxed and he blinks at you slowly. It is not that he is suddenly falling asleep, it is that he loves you and shows it to you like that.

Do Kittens Understand When You Kiss Them
Do Kittens Understand When You Kiss Them? | Image from Google Images

They also say that you can respond to his kisses in the same way. Staring at your kitten, relaxed, and slowly closing and opening your eyes. Maybe you feel a little silly doing it, but you don’t lose anything by trying!

The plain truth is that cats are not cold and independent as they are painted. They are cuddly sweets that enjoy human company and demonstrate their love in different ways.

Does your cat let you kiss him? Or does he run away, just like mine does? Tell us more!

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